Freya qualified as an osteopath in 2016 with a special interest in osteoarthritis. Since then, she has developed an interest in symptoms surrounding pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause.

Appointments can be booked in Buckingham and Oldbrook (Central Milton Keynes) here.

What to Expect at Your First Appointment

At your first osteopathic appointment, you can expect me to take a detailed case history, covering your current symptoms, medical history, and any systemic features that might be relevant. This information gives me an idea of what your diagnosis might be, which I can then test with a physical examination. The examination may involve you removing some clothing to help me see what’s going on. For this reason, you might feel most comfortable wearing shorts or leggings, and a sports bra or vest. I will not ask you to undress any further than you are comfortable.

After seeing how you move, I can give you a more definite diagnosis and plan of action. Most patients do have treatment in their first session, which may involve soft tissue massage, and mobilisation or manipulation (“clicking”) of joints where appropriate. At the end of the first appointment, I will likely give you some advice for exercises, use of heat or ice, and other changes to make, such as tweaks to your desk ergonomics. You’ll also have an idea of roughly how long it will take for you to meet your goals.

Postpartum and Pelvic Floor Assessment

If you have aches and pains in the lower back, buttocks, or hips after birth, it might be beneficial to assess the pelvic floor. Internal techniques are optional, but may be helpful to give a better idea of which muscles are involved with your symptoms. It is unlikely that internal assessment will be appropriate at your first appointment, and we can arrange for a chaperone at subsequent appointments if you would like one.

Pelvic floor work can also be appropriate for women who:

  • have tailbone pain (coccydynia)
  • feel an inability to relax their pelvic floor
  • struggle with urge or stress incontinence, an increased need for the loo overnight, and other urinary issues
  • feel weak or like the anatomy has changed, especially peri- or postmenopause

Reviews & Testimonials

"Freya had done herself out of a job as her two treatments and suggested exercises have worked. A lovely warm personality which gives just the right feeling of comfort and knowledge."
A.K. 2023

I have been seeing Freya for a couple of months for treatments now, and her approach is very person-centred, she tailors the session to how I respond to the manipulations. Most importantly she is focused and attentive on the sources and causes of pain, she genuinely listens, and tries to see the whole picture rather than zero in on single symptoms. I highly recommend her.
B.M. 2023

"I went to Freya with neck and back problems, and with her help and guidance I am now on top of managing any problems. Wouldn't hesitate to go back and see her, she's super professional, friendly and helpful! Always a pleasure to be treated by her."
A.S. 2023

"I was having severe neck and shoulder pain on and off for many months last year. I had an X-ray which showed arthritis. I was given basic exercises to do by my doctor but they did not help. I saw Freya a number of times and with massage and the excellent exercises she advised, my neck is now completely pain free. I highly recommend her and would definitely see her again if need be."
M.J. 2022

"Fraya first treated me last summer when I put my back out. I was amazed at how quickly she discovered the trigger point and in my first visit I walked out of the treatment room without the terrible pain I had gone in with. She has treated me every couple of months since and worked on different areas. I would highly recommend Fraya If you are looking for an Osteopath"
C.B. 2021

I took to Freya immediately at our first meeting. She achieves her goals by suggestion rather than dictate. I will have no hesitation in coming back to Freya should the need arise.
A.M. 2021

“Freya should grow a beard and long hair because she has healing hands or xray hands. One or the other. She diagnosed me quickly and then managed to manipulate my shoulders to take away my muscle pain. Highly recommended. Be sensible people. Choose an osteopath. Be very sensible. Choose Freya as your osteopath”
T.H. 2019

” In 70yrs have never used an osteopath. Two months ago hurt my neck and couldn’t twist it without severe pain. On the advice of wife visited Freya. After initial consultation she went to work.WOW WHAT A GREAT RESULT. After session and being given exercises to do at home problem has just faded away. Would heartily recommend Freya, great work “
D.W. 2019

“Freya is absolutely fantastic. Aside from being a great osteopath, she takes the time to ask the right questions and get to know her patients so she can identify the underlying reasons behind the issue being treated. She makes you feel relaxed and at ease during the treatment and always ensures that you understand the process and have realistic expectations about the outcome. Would 100% recommend working with her!”
J.P. 2019

“Freya is not only an amazing osteopath but she has a lovely warm personality which puts patients at ease straight away. Thoroughly recommend.”
D.S. 2018

“Freya is really professional and has always made me feel comfortable. Freya is thorough when trying to find the problem area and has never failed to work this out. As a result I feel immediate relief before I even leave the treatment room! I was completely miserable with constant back problems for a very long time since seeing Freya this is no longer an issue, she definitely has healing hands!!”
K.B. 2018

“After my first treatment with Freya I felt like I’d had a brand new spine fitted. Movement I’d assumed was becoming limited through age is suddenly not just possible but easy. I can’t recommend her enough – she listens to what’s causing you trouble and then thoroughly investigates the problem.”
P.S. 2017

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