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What is Osteopathy?

A conservative therapy for muscles, joints, and nerves

Osteopathy is a hands-on therapy that utilises joint movement and massage techniques to muscles to improve function and reduce discomfort. Osteopaths are primary healthcare practitioners, meaning you do not need a GP's referral to make your first appointment. We will take your case history and examine you to find your diagnosis, providing treatment and a plan of action in your first session.

Freya has a special interest in osteoarthritis, aiming to inform, treat, and provide long term management strategies to patients suffering with the condition. An arthritis diagnosis does not have to mean waiting for the joint to progress to the point of needing surgery. Read more about osteoarthritis here.

We accept some forms of private health insurance. Please let the clinic know which insurer you intend to claim through before your appointment.

Freya’s Special Interests

I am particularly interested in helping patients to manage their osteoarthritis, and I’ve written more on the topic here. To summarise, although OA is degenerative, the cartilage affected is still living, and the local health can be improved with the right treatment and advice. This slows the progression and symptoms.

Pelvic pain and other symptoms are too often overlooked or ignored, so I have undertaken additional training to address this in clinic. Alongside pain, I may be able to help with weakness, tension, and some bladder issues.  You can read more here.

Freya Baskeyfield M.Ost

About your Osteopath

Freya graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 2016, having undertaken antenatal and advanced spinal manipulation modules. She worked in the Manchester area for three years, developing a special interest in osteoarthritis. Patients describe her treatment style as gentle, but she can still utilise stronger techniques such as manipulation (joint clicking) where appropriate. This makes her suitable for treating patients from all walks of life, accepting patients from the age of 7 years.

Freya is now the lead osteopath at the Little Buckingham Clinic, where she has worked since its opening in 2021. She also works at FORM Osteopathy in Oldbrook, Milton Keynes during the week. LBC currently offers Saturday appointments which are available to book here.

Since moving back to Buckinghamshire, Freya has researched, illustrated, and written over 500 blog posts for other osteopaths alongside her clinical work.

I have been seeing Freya for a couple of months for treatments now, and her approach is very person-centred, she tailors the session to how I respond to the manipulations. Most importantly she is focused and attentive on the sources and causes of pain, she genuinely listens, and tries to see the whole picture rather than zero in on single symptoms. I highly recommend her.

Beth M.


Clinics in North Buckinghamshire

Freya is the Principal Osteopath at the Little Buckingham Clinic. Find us in the centre of town, next to WH Smith. You can book online through the LBC website.

Milton Keynes Central

Online bookings for FORM Osteopathy are available here.

I took to Freya immediately at our first meeting. She achieves her goals by suggestion rather than dictate. I will have no hesitation in coming back to Freya should the need arise.

A. Matthews

Blog posts and exercises

further reading

Understanding the cause of your pain is associated with better outcomes. I write about conditions patients commonly present with on the blog.

I prescribe exercises for my patients to continue their progress at home. If you’re looking for them, click here.

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